Pastor Search Survey
As we embark on this new journey of finding a new Pastor, together as a congregation we must
Trust GOD to lead us forward with HIS wisdom and peace.

God says in His word that He is FAITHFUL to complete the work that HE has begun, in us and
our church body, and bring us to perfection in Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

We love Bruce, Sharon and their family! Their leadership has been a true blessing for many
years at The River Community Church, bringing spiritual growth, change, new relationships,
adventure, laughter, fun and lots of love! But they feel that GOD is calling them out to new
horizons and we want to bless them in this move. Bruce and Sharon would love to know how
much they are loved by us all, so we encourage you to express that to them.

We ask that you prayerfully work through this survey. Take time to process this change, and
freely express your fears, concerns and feelings

We welcome your honest answers; your input is valuable! This will greatly help to facilitate the
process towards finding a suitable Pastor for the next phase in The River Community Church’s

About You
1. How many years have you been attending the church? *
2. What is your age? *
3. What is your denominational background? *
4. Are you a Member (Covenant Partner) of the River Church?
About Our Church
5. Why do you attend our church? *
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6. Where do you feel our church could use the most improvement? *
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About Our Future New Pastor
7. What are your desired character traits of the new Senior Pastor? *
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8. What do you hope the new Senior Pastor will accomplish in their first 12 months? *
9. What are the most important leadership qualities our new Senior Pastor must possess? *
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10. What should our new Senior Pastor focus most of their energy/time on? *
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11. In a sermon, which of these components are most important to you? *
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12. Which of the following are the most important regarding the new Senior Pastor's previous experience? *
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13. What would encourage you to get more involved in The River?
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14. As a church, what do you feel we should START doing?
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15. As a church, what do you feel we should STOP doing?
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16. As a church, what do you feel we should CONTINUE doing?
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17. What else would you like to be considered as we prayerfully search for a new Pastor?
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