Carpool Request
Please fill out this form if you have a carpool request for the 2020-2021 school year for your carpool group to be on the same "blue" or "green" track. Requests, while not guaranteed, will be fulfilled if possible. Please complete the form before July 17th to increase chances of your request being approved.
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What is the first name of the person filling out the form? *
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How many families do you carpool with? *
Please list the student names and grades that carpool with you. Example "John Meadows, 4th", "Sally Meadows, 2nd" *
In the event a child you are carpooling with has a fever or does not pass the health screen, the child will not be able to attend school that day and you will need to keep the child in the car. This is an acknowledgement of this policy. *
Please add adults that are picking up or dropping off your child to your emergency contacts (blue card). *
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