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Quest4Earth is a fun out-of-school experience where youth focus on STEM through an environmental justice lens. This school year Tiz Media Foundation and EvanSTEM are offering a Saturday program for fifth graders underrepresented in STEM.

Starting Sept 23 to May 19th, every other Saturday from 10am to 12:30pm (family pizza at noon!!!), participants will explore careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Maker Space is located at 1911 Church St in Evanston.

Quest4Earth is free for your child. EvanSTEM has provided a grant to cover program costs of over $175 per student.

To attend the program:
1) Students should have a desire to attend.
2) Students must attend each session, except for illness or emergency, because each week builds on prior activities.
3) Parents must arrange for drop-off and pick-up each week.

The program can accommodate 15 students.

Quest4Earth WASUP Big Shot!
In Quest4Earth 2017-18, students will be explorers, creators, and storytellers; produce content for hip-hop videos and other media; and learn about environmental science through inquiry- and project-based workshops. The science they learn is incorporated into their own stories, and they are able to educate and inspire family members, other youth, and their community.

Q4E will present young people with three critical challenges:

1) WASUP! Water and STEM Unity Project is an engineering and design water filter challenge in which students are contracted to create a filter to turn dirty into water clean. They are given a choice of materials, a deadline and a budget for testing and refining their prototype.

2) WASUP Bigshot! Is a photography challenge where students build their own cameras, dynamos and voice recorders etc. to tell the story of water and their own stories as part of an art installation. They will work with professional photographers and story-tellers to complete the challenge.

3) Migratory bird path challenge, where students work to restore bird friendly vegetation, create PSA announcements for the project and an art installation. We are crafting this ongoing challenge with the Evanston Office of Sustainability and other community partners.
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