Crossover Festival- Steward Application Form
Application form for stewards wanting to help at Crossover Festival 2020 (7-10th May) .
Please note that being a steward is a voluntary role but a free weekend ticket will be issued.

Some questions require an answer and will not let you submit the form until complete.
Email address *
Full name: *
Telephone Number(s): *
AVAILABILITY: Please tick all of the boxes where you can be available to help at the festival. (If you are only available for the festival itself, then we can divide hours up over the weekend. However, in some cases, we need stewards to do all their hours on pre/post festival set up/pull down). *
Do you have any previous experience of being a steward? If so, briefly describe your role below and let us know of any areas that you feel would be your strength.
Special Skills: If you have any specific skills that could help with Crossover i.e. being an electrician, builder, stage builder, lighting technician etc, please describe them below.
Are you an up to date first aider? *
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