2017 Stamp Camp Policy Acknowledgement
Hello stampers! To make my stamp camp policies beyond clear, I'm asking each and every customer who attends camp to acknowledge the following policies. Why? Sadly, I've been burned by a group of customers who didn't feel the need to follow through on their commitments. Rather than changing my policy to pre-pay for every stamp camp - which I find unfriendly and difficult for some - I've come up with the following solution.

What do you need to do? You put your name and email in once, acknowledge each of the policies/reminders and then submit. Easy peasy. This will serve as an agreement for your duration of your attendance at stamp camp. Sorry to do this to you, but sadly adding these to the bottom of the email didn't help my past situation and this was the simplest solution in my mind. Thanks for understanding and your continued support! :)

Acknowledgements of Class Policies and Reminders
Please review and acknowledge your confirmation of understanding.
By entering your name and email below, you acknowledge that you have seen, understand and promise to follow through.
Your answer
Your answer
*NEW* Accident Liability Notice
Accidents happen. To protect my home and my business, I am adding this clause into the agreement. By attending camp, you agree that any accidents or injuries that happen on my property as a result of you attending an event/class are your sole financial responsibility. Please take caution during winter on ice, and on the stairs during all time of the year. I confirm I will do my best to ensure walkways are clear of obstacles and salted during winter.
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