Practice Request Form for Northville U7 and Older Teams
U7 and older head coaches are to fill in this request form for practice fields.

Note: Special school events have priority over practices. If asked by a
school Principal you must leave the grounds.

We will try to accommodate as many request as possible.

U7 recommended (1) practice per week, U8 and older twice a week.
Practice Times are limited to One Hour due to field shortages

Available Fields Available Days Available Times to Start

Recommended for U11 and up:
NRA Hines Park
Thornton Creek
Thornton Creek Back (No Goals)
Cooke School

Recommended for U9 and U10:
Cooke School
NRA Hines Park
Thornton Creek
Thornton Creek Back (No Goals)

Recommended for U8 and U7:
Cooke School (Back, no Goals)
Moraine Elementary
Silver Springs
NCP 14 A-B-C-D
Amerman (No Goals)
Winchester (No Goals)
NCP 15


You will be notified of your field as soon as possible. Regular
practice schedule can begin when you receive your field assignment.
Because of the continuing shortage of fields, it is much more likely
that you will get your practice field preference if you can accept an
early time slot. Please be flexible! Not all practice field requests
can be met, but we will do the best we can.

This form is NOT first come first served until after Sunday Aug 25th at Noon

All Coaches must have their Risk Management approval number from MSYSA. To
check your status: Risk management is going through Gotsoccer.
A concussion certificate is also needed to be able to coach. Both are found in the coaches column at
Coach Name *
Coach Phone *
Coach Email *
Assistant Coach's Name *
All team must have an assistant (must have RM approval and on the official rosters both Gotsoccer and NSA's before helping with players))
Coach's Risk Management Number and Expire Date *
Concussion forms and approval are required by coaches and parents. *
New this year mandated by CDC, the approval link is found on the NSA site in the Coach's Column
Age Group of Team *
Gender of Teams *
Team Name *
Example: England 1 or Cosmos...
Practice Days *
U7 and U8 once a week (check one), U9 and older twice a week (Check two, normally Mon.& Wed. or Tue & Thur).
Field Choice First prefereed *
Name of fields and recommondation found above.
Field Choice 2nd prefereed *
Name of fields and recommondation found above.
Field Choice 3rd prefereed *
Name of fields and recommondation found above.
Please group my team with another similar team.
Clear selection
I am coaching more than one team.
Clear selection
Coaching Education *
I will attend as many coaches meeting as possible. Meetings are on the first Tuesday of each month through the year, no meetings in July and December.
I will only use players on the official roster supplied at the coach's meeting and will notify by an email to if the WSSL Gotsoccer game card is different. *
Only players on the roster are allowed to play, any player not on the roster who plays in practices or games is an insurance risk with your person home owners insurance being your coverage and you will be removed from coaching duties.
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