BCHS Grad Profiles (for awards consideration)
This information form is designed to help you to share information that may factor in your being selected to receive a graduation award. The information you provide will remain confidential within the Awards Committee. Be sure to be as specific as possible, in order to provide details that will assist us in our consideration of the various awards and their respective criteria.

Please answer the questions below as they apply/are relevant to you. If you do not have information relating to a question, simply leave it blank.

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Extracurricular Involvement:
Please list the extracurricular activities (clubs, teams, groups, events etc.) with which you have been involved through your years at Burlington Central. Be sure to include specific details, such as grades, dates/years of involvement, titles/positions etc.
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Out of School Activities:
Please provide information relating to activities in which you were/are involved outside of school, such as recreation work, church affiliations, volunteer work, employment etc. Please include details such as the number of hours involved, level of achievement, positions/titles you’ve held and the nature of your responsibilities.
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Out of School Courses/Credits:
Please list any credit courses you have taken outside of Burington Central. For example, night school, Self-Reliant Learning Program, language classes, online courses etc. Please also indicate if you plan to take a 4U or 4M course in July 2015.
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Extenuating Circumstances:
Post-secondary institutions are often willing to take “extenuating circumstances” into account when considering students for scholarships and awards. If there are any special circumstances that have affected your schoolwork and might deserve special consideration, such as family or health issues, a personal loss, financial hardship etc., this may be important information to share. If so, please indicate if you would like to see a counsellor to provide additional information.
Post-Secondary Plan Info:
Please provide the names of the post-secondary institutions and programs to which you have applied and/or been accepted for next year. If you have alternate plans for a gap year experience, please provide that information as well.
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On behalf of the Awards Committee, we thank you for providing this
information for our review and consideration. As always, we
endeavour to do our best to match students with appropriate awards.

Should we have any questions, we will contact you. Otherwise, award
information will be shared with successful candidates as it becomes
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