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The Border Collective's official Google Form, where you can turn in your questions, comments, and suggestions anonymously to be answered on TBC.
So, what're your questions about internships, resumes, or careers? (Reminder that we only know about being in the Philippines, being a Filipino abroad, and about white-collar jobs.)
They can be about anything: dress code, drinking code, how to commute and not look like a sweaty mess when you get to the office, what to put into your resume, etc. Anything and everything's free game.
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If you've got suggestions, comments, or you just want to leave us a nice piece of fanmail to keep us going, here's the slot for it! ((We love fanmail and success stories of people taking what we taught and applying it!))
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Do you want to contribute something for The Border Collective? Or you want to nominate your friend? If yes, link us to the FB profile of the potential writer and tell us where they interned!
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