Understand to ACT (UACT)
Young people are facing several obstacles that are holding them back to engage in quality participation that would be based on personal initiative, moreover, powerfully rooted in common EU values.
As young people are becoming more stagnant and inactive regarding their involvement in European Union and, furthermore, eurosceptic about the whole system it is crucial to address this issue and reinforce youth involvement and active participation in democratic Europe, therefore, empowering and motivating active citizenship is of the utmost importance for a democratic system as European Union to function properly.

Young people are seeing themselves as someone who doesn’t have the voice, experience or competencies to address and influence the decision-making process that ironically is directly shaping their lives. They not only lack skills and knowledge but as well confidence to speak up so their voices could be heard.
Therefore, 32 youth actors who are actively working with young people will come together in Understand to ACT training course and they will be provided with knowledge about European values, meaning behind European citizenship and common benefits it brings and, furthermore, they will be equipped with skills (motivation, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, flexibility) and methods as raising self-awareness and learning more about one’s self as well as shaping learning to individual needs, set individual goals, develop civic and social competencies, therefore, raising their capacity at youth work, especially when working with young people with fewer opportunities.

UACT is open to youth actors (youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, young professionals…), who are actively working with young people, especially people with fewer opportunities.

Participants should have:
Prior experience in using non-formal learning methods
Experience in the youth field and practical work experience with young people
Dedication to participate in all stages of the project
Willingness to use powerful self-awareness techniques like creative and critical self-reflection to discover more about oneself
Passion to develop skills, competencies, and methods through self-development, moreover, dedication to practically use them to empower and motivate young people
Above average English proficiency.

Dates of TC: 02/11/2018 - 10/11/2018

For additional information (info-pack), questions and doubts, please, contact project coordinator via email: cirule.marija@gmail.com Marija Cirule

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