CoLab Code School
Some information about CoLab Code School to help us plan.

Code School is CoLab’s introduction to computer programming initiative that immerses users into the world of programming for the web with an introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript. The whole course takes 5-7 weeks to complete.

Code School is built around the hypotheses that:

It is much easier to learn as a group as against learning as an individual.
It is also important to learn how to code as part of a team. (This is a critical skill-set that employers look for.)
The core of Code School is FREE, however non CoLab subscribers are required to purchase two-months’ of any of the appropriate plans at CoLab to get access to the internet and workspace for the duration of Code School. This is because the course requires access to internet for every lecture and requires that participants have a place to meet beyond classes to study and work together.
You will find details of the available plans on our website ( (Existing CoLab subscribers are exempt from this).
If you are interested in joining the next batch, please fill this form.
Please treat as urgent, there are limited spaces and it’s on a first come first serve basis.
This batch will start in September
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