2019 EPIC League Registration
Use this form to register your interest in the EPIC Club League 2019. You only need to register once (not per race). Race details and results will be available here: http://forum.epicmtb.com/forum.php
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Before you begin: Very Important Notice
You have to have a Cycling Ireland Limited Competition Licence to participate in the Epic Club League.

Mountain biking by its nature is a dangerous activity and accidents happen. You are responsible for your own safety and that of other riders and the general public. By signing up for the club league and taking part you agree that in the event of an accident, EPIC MTB Club and its members will take no responsibility for injuries or damage sustained and no action will be taken against EPIC MTB Club or its members or Coillte.

If you disagree with any of the statements below please do not tick the acceptance boxes and do not submit this form.

Check the box below if you agree with each of these conditions:

1. I agree that, in the event of an accident, EPIC MTB will not be liable for any injuries or damages.

2. I am aware that I am at all times responsible for my own safety, the safety of other racers and the general public.

3. I am fully aware that mountain biking is a dangerous sport and can lead to serious injury.
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