Ministry Elective Online Evaluation Form (Ministry Supervisor)
This form is to be completed by the student's Ministry Supervisor. Please take a couple of minutes and complete this form prayerfully and thoughtfully. Your input, encouragement and critiques will greatly aid the student in their personal growth and preparation for ministry. In addition, it is recommended that you personally talk through this evaluation with the student so that your comments are perfectly clear and communicated correctly.
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Student's First Name: *
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Church Name: *
Describe the student's primary responsibilities during this Ministry Involvement: *
Describe the student's highlights during the period of this Ministry Involvement: *
Describe the overall impact of this Ministry Involvement upon the student's spiritual life: *
Please rate the student and add comments when applicable for the following section
1 - Unacceptable: Consistently unsatisfactory in critical areas.  Marked improvement is necessary for continued involvement in ministry.

2 - Below Requirements: Sometimes fails to perform position duties and responsibilities.  Performance needs to improve.

3 - Average: Consistently and effectively performs responsibilities.

4 - Above Requirements: Performance is highly effective.  Consistently exceeds requirements of the position.

5 - Excellent: Performance is outstanding.  Makes unique and significant contribution to the overall ministry.
Quantity of Work: *
Evaluation of the amount of work accomplished regardless of standards of performance.
Quality of Work: *
Evaluation in meeting established standards of performance, judgment, and organization.
Knowledge and Ability: *
Evaluation of how much is known regarding this individual area of ministry and the skills necessary to complete necessary tasks.
Creativity: *
Evaluation of performance in overcoming difficult situations and thinking outside of the box in ways that lead to new thoughts and constructive change.
Learning / Growth: *
Evaluation of ability, willingness and actual practice in learning new methods, concepts, and being generally teachable.
Level of Godly Character: *
Evaluation of personal character as biblically required for those engaged in ministry.
Please give a Pass or Fail grade to this student: *
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