Reflections on "The Wonder of Learning" Exhibit
Reflections on "The Wonder of Learning" Exhibit is a self-paced training course for early childhood educators that was created by Preschool of the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin. There are two parts to this course. In Part 1, participants visit "The Wonder of Learning" exhibit. In Part 2, participants type their answers to several reflection questions. Participants will receive 1.5 hours of Registry credit for completing the course.

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To receive Registry credit for this training, you must print your confirmation email as documentation of completing this training. At your next Registry renewal, submit a copy of your confirmation email to have this training added to your training page.

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Reflection Questions
Complete the reflection questions below. There is no right answer to these questions. You may write whatever answer is true for you. There is, however, a requirement that each answer must be at least 500 characters long.

Once you complete the answer and submit the form, you will receive a receipt via email that will contain the Registry course number. This receipt will serve as your course certificate of completion.

What were your overall impressions of the exhibit? *
If you need help thinking about what to write, here are some additional questions to help you focus your thoughts: What did you think or feel while you were viewing the exhibit? What photos caught your attention? What did you find the most interesting? What surprised you?
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What is one idea or activity you saw at the exhibit that you would like to try in your setting? *
If you need help thinking about what to write, here are some additional questions to help you develop your answer: Which activities or ideas did you most enjoy seeing and reading about? What materials or support will you need to try this new idea or activity? Do you think a Reggio Emilia approach could work in your setting? Why or why not?
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