Application Form: Ambassadors, Writers, & Content Creators
Want to use your talents to contribute to a worthwhile cause? We are currently seeking leaders who are responsible, proactive, and passionate about spreading kindness.

Beyond The Wards TO is an initiative that aims to highlight the contributions of under-recognized frontline workers that have been largely left out by mainstream media. While we don’t want to take light away from the healthcare workers who are tirelessly fighting COVID-19, it’s important for us to look beyond the hospital wards and see the heroes that occupy our day-to-day lives too. During this challenging time, our goal is to provide everyday heroes with extra support through kind and uplifting messages of encouragement, love, and appreciation. These heroes include the people we rely on every day, such as transportation, sanitation, and postal workers.

We provide a platform where individuals can submit messages of gratitude through art, written notes, letters, and even performances. These messages will then be sent to the workers of their choice and potentially shared across our media platforms. For more information about our cause and the list of different heroes we're supporting, visit our website:


The ambassador role involves promoting the cause and encouraging others in your wider network (e.g. family, friends, school group chats/pages, community groups, public groups, etc.) to give support to essential workers during this difficult time by making a message submission. Ambassadors also spread awareness by sharing educational posts.

Writers use their mastery of the written word to draft letters, messages, stories, poems, or more to show support and appreciation for various frontline workers, as well as potentially educational posts and content for our website and social platforms. For this role, we'd love to receive at least one submission per week.

Content creators make use of their artistic talents to create visual art, photos, video and audio recordings, performances, or other content of different mediums to uplift and appreciate under-recognized essential workers. For this role, we’d love to receive at least 1-4 submissions per month depending on the workload of the project.

*Notice for Writers and Content Creators: Your work may be featured across our social media platforms and website, as well as other media outlets in the future.

Our headquarters are in Toronto, but these positions can be filled remotely.
No prior experience required.
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