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Consciously shares corporate policies, practices and positions with online shoppers to empower conscious consumerism. When a shopper clicks on a product, our browser extension appears and lets them know if that company shares their values on a particular cause (such as, do they test on animals). When a company does not align with that shoppers stated values, we provide information regarding alternative products, made by companies whose stated values do align. We would like to share information about your company with our community.

By completing the following survey, we can provide information about your products and include your products as alternatives on current and future causes where we determine that your values align with the shoppers stated preferences.
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By providing information to the questions below, you agree that you are an authorized representative of the aforementioned company and you understand and agree that the information provided, and your companies name and logo, may be shared on or in connection with Consciously's products. You agree to answer questions honestly and not provide any information that is false or misleading in any manner.  Information may be verified, and in some instances you may be asked to share supporting documentation.  However, you remain solely responsible for the accuracy of all information you provide. All decisions regarding the information shared (or not shared), including whether to list a product as an alternative, are solely in our discretion. *
On which of the following platforms are your products sold? (Check all that apply)
Does your company own products under a different brand name? For example, Tide laundry detergent is owned by Procter and Gamble.
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If you answered yes to the previous question, please list the brands owned by your company.
How many products are in your lineup? If you have  one deodorant that is offered as in two different scents, it's considered to be two products.
How many SKUs are in your product lineup?
Do you currently have an affiliate program?
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If you answered yes to the previous question, please share a link and any details.
How many employees does your company have?
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Is the minimum wage for all employees of your company $15/hour or more?
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Does the ownership of your company meet the following criteria: (Check all that apply)
What country is your company based in?
If your company is based in the USA, please provide the zip code for your headquarters.
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