NZSRA Nationals Registration Form
We are proud to invite you to enter our 8th annual Service Rifle Nationals at Waiouru Army Base, Friday 19 April 2019

Registrations close Friday, 29 March 2019 and / or when 72 positions have been received and paid. We will continue to leave registrations open past 70 positions for:
a. Replace anyone who pulls out - First in gets first vacant spot - Most years we have between 6 to 12 withdrawals
b. High registrations numbers could be considered beyond 72 positions but at the cost of matches on the Friday. NZSRA would prefer not to do this?

Any questions please email
or our web site at
or our facebook site at

*NEW: Our Nationals FaceBook Communication Hub Open and Follow this site for automated post notifications before, * *during and post our Nationals:-) *

National Match Director is Mark Boyt

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(B) Add - On additional costs if applicable
If you are not NZSRA financial member additional fee of $45 needs to be indicated. If you are bring non-shooting partner who needs accommodation and food select that check box
Total Amount to be Paid (A+B) *
Entry and facility fees ticked in 'A' plus additional costs/extras indicated in 'B' (e.g. I have ticked Full entry in A only I enter here $240. I have included (Checked) booklet and patch I would enter $250 etc.
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Select how you plan to pay the registration fee... the account details are ASB Shortland Street 12-3622-0003971-000
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I now need to drive to Nationals but indicated coming with some one else. What do I do? A: Email who will update your application entry details in our Database
Q: I want to bring someone but did not select check box in application? A: Email and deposit $100 to NZSRA account
Q: Are there kitchen facilities. Can I prepare my own food? A: Only facilities to make coffee so in short no there aren't
Q: When will I know my place is confirmed? A: Within a few days of receipt of your deposit in the NZSRA account. Confirmation by email
Q: What if I am not a financial member of NZSRA? A: Only NZSRA financial members are eligible for medals and trophies
Q: Is there a waiting list if entries are closed. A: Yes. Every year we have people have to withdraw
Q: How many people are needed for a class to be active in the Nationals. A: Six shooters. If there are only a few the Match director will be in contact to offer you moving to another active class
Q: Who do I contact if I want to withdraw from the Nationals? A: The Match Director via Cell Phone 027 5369961.
Q: Will money I have deposited be refunded? A: Yes up to the day before the Nationals.
Where I can find more Information about the Nationals:
Course of fire and instructions around when and where to meet on the Friday morning will be posted on our websites.

Also our Facebook site
Also a new FaceBook site for the Nationals (A communication hub) will be provided in your registration confirmation

It will also be posted on the affiliate club web sites

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