Collab: The Costs of Being a Book Blogger
Hello friend! Thank you for your interest in participating in my second book blogger collab series: The Costs of Being a Book Blogger.

My ongoing 'The Pond Gets Loud' book blogger collaboration series aims to promote greater transparency in the book blogging community. I'd like to explore the topic of the financial costs of being a book blogger - a topic that I am particularly interested and invested in, and one that I am sure many of you will be interested in partaking as well.

If you'd like to help, please fill out this simple three question survey! All contributions will be anonymous, and all contributions are greatly appreciated. <3
How much money do you spend on blogging a month? *
What currency did you use for the above answer? *
e.g., US Dollar / USD, Australian Dollar / AUD, etc.
What do you spend your book-related money on? *
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