Internship Application
Interns with Nick Freitas for US Senate are expected to complete tasks assigned and meet all deadlines as issued by campaign staff. All tasks and projects will be assigned by the direct supervisor in your area, or by senior campaign staff. All interns, regardless of position, will be expected to dedicate time towards campaign strategy projects and voter contact. Interns are also expected to fulfill additional duties as required by campaign staff.

**Disclaimer: Interns will receive their letter of recommendation after the completion of the campaign.

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Briefly summarize prior work experience, campus and/or community involvement, and any academic honors.
List mandatory time commitments during the week (class/sports/etc.) Please list availability throughout the week and weekend for the Program for now until June 2018. Please note we will work with students who have jobs, and classes. Interns are selected on a first come first serve basis.
Are you interested in a campus leadership position?
What is your career goal, i.e. (your dream job)?
What is your long term goal in politics?
In your opinion, what are the 3 most important issues facing our nation?
Why do you care about electing Nick Freitas as the next U.S. Senator from Virginia?
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