Sign-Up for the People's Sketch Show

Sign up to perform in the People's Sketch Show on Tuesday March 25th at 8:30pm!

The theme for the show will be "South".

Your group (or you alone!) can sign up to perform any written piece you'd like that's under 5 minutes, and inspired by the suggestion "South".

We are looking for a variety of experience levels. So, please don't let a lack of experience keep you from giving this a shot. We're hoping for a variety of acts performing new sketches, songs, videos, speeches, and other works.

Just so long as their written, and under 5 minutes!



Acts that sign up will be notified via email, and provided a more thorough explanation of what to expect.

ALL ACTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT A ROUGH DRAFT of the sketch they intend to perform to the show's producers by FRIDAY MARCH 14TH.

The purpose of requesting a rough draft is not a means of quality control, but to ensure that acts are indeed writing material to perform.

There will be no tech rehearsal for this show. In our acceptance email we will provided a suggested method of how to handle tech cues on the night of the performance. You may bring your own tech person, but the tech person on hand will be doing their best to hit your cues without ever having run through the sketch with you. So, please keep this in mind when planning your performance.

Again, submissions are not limited to "sketch scenes on stage"...It would be more than welcome if you'd like to write a monologue, a song, or make a short video on the theme instead...Just keep everything under 5 minutes, and have some written plan for the performance.

On Tuesday, March 25th at 8:30pm you'll have a chance to perform your piece on the ColdTowne stage, no scripts in hand!

Fill out the form below to sign-up by FEBRUARY 14TH.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Cody Dearing at

Thank you

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    We'll be in touch with you soon with more information about the show. We appreciate your participation!