Sh'Bang! A Festival of Ideas!
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Aerialist Duo, Two of Wands, performing on the Cedar Stage
Photo by Charles Hildreth
Band Info
In response to the stunning landscape of the Lookout Arts Quarry, four stages have been built:

The forested Saloon Stage (20'x 12' + raised platform 16'x8') is surrounded by thematic art buildings with a Western flair
The centrally located Cedar Stage (45' x 26') is built from trees and boulders from the land.
Adjacent to the quarry water is the Boat Stage (16'x 5.5') with a floating dance floor
Our most renegade of stages is a full sized Chinese Junk Boat (30'x 8') that flanks the derby track
With no “main stage”, all the stages become hot spots at different points in the weekend.

Most bands will have one scheduled set during the festival. However, in keeping with the title "A Festival of Ideas" we welcome artists to take initiative, create happenings at impromptu moments, lead parades, invent new bands, collaborate with performers, and try out new ideas! To facilitate this we have created a number of open-stage times throughout the weekend. We'd also love to hear about your ideas!

There is forest and meadow tent camping on site as well as various locations for vehicle camping. We will have local/organic focused food vendors on site Friday through Sunday, as well as drinking water.

We love having kids at Sh’bang!

Though we have allowed pet goats to attend Sh'bang in the past please don’t bring your dog fluffy or fido no matter how adorable! (We apologize for the inconvenience! Our ducks and other farm friends quack thanks : )

Thanks for your interest in playing at Sh’bang! Please fill out the following questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Jocose Bird playing the Saloon Stage
Photo by Heather Sparks
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Phone Number
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Number of Band Members
This can be approximate for now! We'll confirm details closer to the event
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Description of Music
Nargwashing mugwop? Kaleidoscopic intergallatic psychadelia??! We will post the description to our website / social media.
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Which festival dates are you available to perform?
(Festival runs Sept 9 from 3pm - Sept 11 at 11pm). Include additional scheduling notes below.
Additional Scheduling Notes/ Stage Requests
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What are your technical requirements?
Stage size, equipment needs, cables, sound needs, mics, etc
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What are your compensation requests?
Sh'bang is not like most festival models! We prioritize immersion in extravagant creativity, providing a platform for experimentation and new ideas. It’s a festival made by artists for artists and is primarily volunteer run! Sh'bang supports the creation of infrastructure for the Lookout Arts Quarry, a collectively owned remediated rock quarry turned art center, which in turn supports the artist in residency program ( and other artistically inclined endeavors. Many artists and builders arrive at the Quarry months in advance to contribute their inspiration and time. Our vision is to build an accessible and affordable cultural hub in nature for artists to replenish, tune in, and develop the more experimental edges of their creative beings. In turn, we value you, and want to support you and your art in as many ways as we can. As well as, or in lieu of pay/covering travel costs, we may be able to offer a combination of the following: organic delicious meals, unusual forms of creative support, access to Quarry artist facilities and artist residency program in the off season, love and sass! Let us know what would feel fair to you and we will do our best to provide! Thank-you!
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Do you have any particular dreams, collaboration ideas or stage preferences?
This is your chance to share your inspirations! let us know if there is a particular Sh'bang troupe or artist you might want to collaborate with
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Do you have any additional workshops, performances, art installations or other wondrous creations you'd be interested in sharing?
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Are there other bands, performers or artists you recommend we reach out to?
If so, please leave a short description and contact info
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Are there any more details you'd like us to know about? Any unanswered questions?
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Musician pals Shine Delphi and Milly Raccoon Swoopin it
Photo by Charles Hildreth
Desmond and his One Man Cardboard Band play the Beach
Karla Mi Lugo's ~ Whistlin ~
Photo by Heather Sparks
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