Trenton Recreational Needs Survey
The City of Trenton wants to know how we can make our parks and recreational facilities better. Please complete this survey to tell us what you think! The survey closes on July 28, 2018.
What age group describes you?
What is your street address or nearest intersection? Knowing your location will help us to understand the recreational needs of your neighborhood.
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What parks or recreational facilities do you typically visit in Trenton?
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How often do you use Trenton's parks and recreational facilities?
How do you typically get to parks or recreational facilities in Trenton?
What recreational activities do you typically do?
What is the condition of your local parks or recreational facilities?
What recreational facilities do you think are the most needed in Trenton? (Select up to 5)
What recreational programs/activities do you think are the most needed in Trenton (select up to 3)
What park features would you like added or expanded? (Select up to 5)
Does anything make you not want to use parks and recreational facilities? (Select all that apply)
What else would you like to tell us about how the City can improve Trenton's parks and recreational facilities?
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