Stillwater Area Hockey Association (SAHA) COVID-19 Checklist
If you answer yes to any of the symptoms below, please stay home until you are symptom free.
Player, Coach, or Volunteer First and Last Name *
I have registered with USA Hockey and SAHA - You must be registered with both to participate in any preseason activities. *
Date of Pre-Season Skate or Try-out *
Level of Play *
Location of Pre-skate or Try-out *
Symptom Checklist *
Fever (100.0F or Higher) Must verify by taking temperature at home
New Cough
New Shortness of Breath
New Headache
Loss of Smell or Taste
Vomiting or Diarrhea
New Muscle or Body Aches
Sore Throat
New Congestion or Runny Nose
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