Contribute Your Place to Around Here: The Places Project
Your Place. Share Your Story.  After just a few questions to help us get to know you, this is the easiest way to share a place on or around the South Cumberland Plateau with the Places Project for inclusion in the catalogue and exhibit.  If you are filling in the form for a friend, relation, neighbor or a child, please answer these questions as they would.
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What is your first name and last initial? Please leave this blank if you choose to be anonymous.
What town or community do you identify with the most on or around the mountain? (Or, where did you share your story of place?)
How old are you?
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Do you consider yourself local to the region?
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What would you like your place to be called in the online catalogue?
Where is your place located?
Add the coordinates of your place if you know them.
Tell us the story of your place. What makes it special to you and/or important to the identity of the area?
If you would like an email alert when the catalogue and map are online, please share your eamil address.
Please check the box below, offering your informed consent to share this story and any images, recordings or videos you have uploaded with the Places Project for the purposes of creating an online catalogue and physical exhibition of the places that have shaped the mountain and its surrounding communities.  Unless you have chosen to remain anonymous, we will use your first name and the first initial of your last name in the catalogue.
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Want to share an image, video or audio file?  Upload here. When prompted for your name, please use the same name you used above for your place:
Thank you for contributing to the Places Project! Share any thoughts or suggestions here!
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