California Cohort Application

Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College and California-based Thrive have launched a new partnership to help California educators pilot, design and implement teams in their schools. 

California schools that want to transform their staffing models can receive direct assistance, coaching and professional learning as part of a cohort of schools in California leading the charge to redesign education through team based models thanks to generous funding from various foundations.

What does this look like?

Phase 1 - Exploration and System Readiness:
Geared towards system and school leaders or your steering committee

System and school leaders from participating schools will learn about Next Education Workforce models and determine if they make sense in your local context. Between the sessions, Thrive will provide coaching to help system and school leaders navigate the process and build buy-in for the change. 

Phase 2  - Design Workshops and Preparing to Launch:
Geared towards school-level leaders

School-level leaders will join virtual sessions to plan the launch of their educator teams. Thrive will provide coaching to help school leaders in their model design including drafting a master schedule, planning for shared rosters and data practices and creating a communication plan. 

Phase 3 - Team Planning and Implementation: 
Geared towards teaching teams

New educator teams will attend an ASU Summer Institute designed to prepare them to work together in the fall. Thrive will continue to provide support to leaders and educators through a year long implementation phase.

Please fill out this application to be considered for the Thrive and Arizona State University’s Next Education Workforce California cohort.

For additional information or questions, please contact Courtney Ochi at

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School/District Leader or Primary Contact's Name:  *
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School Name (please write N/A if you are at the district level): *
District or CMO: *
Grade Levels Served: *
Number of Students Enrolled:  *
Intended Launch Date: (By when do you hope or intend to launch your first team based model) *
Please share what we should know about your school or district in 2-4 sentences. You can provide information about your current model, programs, student population, etc.   *
Why is your school or district interested in implementing team-based models and deeper and personalized learning? What challenges do you hope team-based models can help to solve?
How did your school or district hear about this coaching and support opportunity?
This 2-year learning opportunity costs $60,000. 

Thanks to the generous contribution from various foundations select CA schools only pay $6,000 per year ($12,000 for both years, only 20% of the total cost) 
This includes all of the ASU course work and Thrive personalized coaching. 

Is your community willing/able to contribute to the cost of the program?
Describe your school or district's current climate or support systems that could help you implement team-based models and deeper and personalized learning.
How will you ensure the sustained implementation and continuation of these practices beyond the grant period?
Do you agree to pilot this work with at least one team of teachers on campus?
Are you willing to attend at least 85% of all meetings and professional learning as part of this grant?
If selected, do you grant permission for ASU MLFTC and Thrive to use your name and likeness in any digital media format.
Is there any additional information you would like to share that supports your school or district's application for this grant?
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