Longview In-District Transfer Application
Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, the Longview Independent School District will accept transfer requests to and from any school with comparable grade levels within the LISD attendance zones.

The following information is designed to inform you as to the rules and responsibilities associated with transfers within the Longview Independent School District.

The following rules apply to In-District Transfers
• The application must be made annually.
• Transfer applications must be completed on-line.
• Completing the application does not guarantee that the transfer will be approved.
• Parents must provide transportation to and from the transfer school.
• The school principal must agree to accept the student at the transfer school.
• Space must be available at the requested school and if appropriate, the program requested.
• Principals may return the student to the attendance zone school for excessive tardiness, poor
attendance, and/or discipline problems prior to the last Friday in October.

Making application for an in-district transfer.
• Parents wanting more information regarding the programs offered at each school should visit
• Parents wanting to continue the process of making an application for an in-district transfer
must complete the information on the next page.
• Parents wanting additional information regarding individual school policies and procedures
should contact the school office.
• Parents wanting to ask questions about the transfer application or process should call
Administrative and Pupil Services at 903-381-2242 or 903-381-2321.
• Once the application is submitted, then parents should contact the requested school for
information regarding the approval or denial of the application.

Thank you.
Administrative and Pupil Services

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I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Longview In-District Transfer Policy. (If you have questions regarding the transfer policy, call 903-381-2242.)
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