2019 Capital Region Tetrathlon Entry Form
The 2019 Capital Region Tetrathlon Rally will begin at 7:30 am on Saturday, September 21 at the Gaithersburg Aquatics Center with the swim phase. Competitors will move to Bittersweet Field in Poolesville for the shooting phase beginning at 10 am. On Sunday, September 22 competitors will report to Bittersweet Field in the morning for the riding phase followed by the running phase. Our region prides itself in making the tet rally a positive experience for young riders and competitive so that members planning to attend Championships are well prepared.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by phone (401) 714-4693 or by e-mail huntboots@gmail.com or consult USPC Tetrathlon Rulebook or the USPC Horse Management Rulebook. Please see the tet criteria for information on the phases.

The cost for the rally is $95 per competitor (postmarked by August 25, or $115 (postmarked after the 25th). For Capital Region members only, if siblings are competing the fee after the first child is $80.75. Please pay online via PayPal at http://www.senecavalleyponyclub.org/tet-rally-2019.html. Alternatively (but not preferred!) mail a check out to: Capital Region Pony Club.

Jacquelyn Dickey (huntboots@gmail.com)
14098 Pomquay Court, North Potomac, MD 20878
phone: 401-714-4693

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Riders may choose to ride down. Please indicate the height you will be jumping. There is a point penalty for riding in a lower division. We want the tet rally to be a positive experience for all riders and have a rising stars division for young riders who need coaching during the riding phase. Competitors may run, swim or ride down with penalty. Non-qualifying members may run, swim or ride down with a penalty. Qualifying members must adhere to the criteria above as specified in the rulebook. To encourage safe participation competitors may ride, run, and swim down as many levels as they wish. Each drop down in height or distance will incur a 200 point deduction for the first drop and 100 points for any drop thereafter. The intention of competing at a lower level must be declared before the start of the phase.
Any special considerations for this competitor to assist with safety? Please indicate here if competitor will swim or run at a lower level, and if so what distance the competitor will move down to (see rulebook for details). Each drop down in distance will incur a 200 point deduction for the first drop and 100 points for any drop thereafter. The intention of competing at a lower level must be declared before the start of the phase.
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