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BRI is a non-profit organization supporting a student-run math and science club.
BRI Youth Group can provide financial aid or scholarship and fee waiver for families in need.

2022-2023 BRI Youth STEM Classes
Dates: Fall Semester 9/6-12/19/2022 (No class 11/21-11/27, Total 15 weeks), Spring Semester  1/9-4/30/2023 (16 weeks, no break)
Classes:  Fall Semester (15 weeks), Spring Semester (16 weeks) 
Registration Fee:  $180/Year, $100/Fall Semester, $110/Spring Semester  (There is an additional late registration fee of $20 for every class registration fee paid after 9/1/2022)

* Math Grade1: Math Kangaroo
* Math Grade2-5: Beast Academy
* Math Junior: Pre-Algebra, Algebra1, Geometry, AMC8, AMC10, Use AOPS books as a reference book.

* Life science
* Human Anatomy and Physiology
* Biology

Computer & Engineering
* Python1 (Beginner), Python2 (Intermediate),
* Java,
* 3D Printing & Robotics
* Scratch

Total Fee: $180 for each course, Not refundable.
Zelle: pay to
PayPal; pay to
Make sure to choose the friends and family option, otherwise, you need to add an additional 3% ($6.00) to cover the fee.  Write your child's name and class name in the notes section.

Platform: online on Zoom

Contact Info:
Rongqiu Wang: 510-513-5921 WeChat ID: rongqiuw
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