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Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the FernLeaf Community! Our team gets more amazing with every new addition and we are excited to learn more about you.

In order to learn something meaningful about you, we invite you to thoughtfully respond to the questions below in addition to applying to FernLeaf online through the TeacherMatch link on our website. Before you begin, you may wish to print this form in order to prepare your answers.

We can't wait to get to know you better!
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Moving into our 5th year of operation we continue to have amazing opportunities to do things differently. In an effort to preserve creativity as a dominant part of FernLeaf’s school culture, we are always looking to rethink, reinvent, and tweak as many aspects of life at school as possible while operating within the confines of being a public school. Please tell us something that you would like to see done differently in schools and why. Additionally, what is something that has caught your attention at another school, or in any aspect of working with children, that you believe could be tried at FernLeaf? *
FernLeaf is a small school with limited staff and resources and we are looking for people who are far more than educators. What is it about you that will make you an important contributor to FernLeaf and what else can you bring to the table beyond teaching that will make this a better place for kids, families, staff, and the community? *
FernLeaf is looking for incredible people, not just great teachers, and we expect our staff to model the best of what humanity has to offer. What makes you amazing not only as a teacher, but also as a person? *
In our quest to cultivate a thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged community, FernLeaf is engaged in a school wide mindfulness practice/program. Tell us about your experience and/or understanding of mindfulness and your willingness to engage in our school wide effort to learn and teach “paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally” (cheers if you know who penned that without looking it up!). *
One of the most important things we can do for kids is to be aware of the fact that their school experience is synonymous with their life experience. It’s where they go every day; it’s where their friends are; it has a profound effect on their social development; it’s where their greatest exposure to adults takes place. Please reflect and share your thoughts on how we might take this into consideration, how it might inform the way we interact with students, and how it might guide the decisions that we make as a school. *
Being a part of a small charter school being built from the ground up has its upsides and its downsides to be sure. What do you see as some of the major benefits and why are these important to you? What downsides do you envision, and why do you believe you can work through them? Similarly, what tasks and/or roles do you envision having to take on that you might not in a traditional district school or any established school? *
Working at FernLeaf is not like working at a traditional or established school, and while incredible opportunities for joy, growth, and satisfaction exist, it can be a challenging place to work. We are tasked not only with providing an outstanding educational experience, but are also responsible for the overall success and development of our school, engaging the entire FernLeaf Community, cultivating our school culture, establishing and maintaining positive relationships in the community, procuring resources and opportunities for the school, and more. With this in mind, what appeals to you about working at FernLeaf? *
If you live here already, you know that Western North Carolina is an amazing place to live. Describe some of the resources of the area that you believe FernLeaf could tap into in order to provide great experiences for our students and their families. If you are relocating to WNC, what is drawing you here and how do you see your interests in the area being a potential benefit to FernLeaf? *
Cultivating kind, caring, thoughtful, and collaborative relationships amongst staff is an important part of the work we do for our kids. Our lives become inextricably linked through our commitment to the school and our students. Tell us a little about how you have developed strong relationships in your life and work. Additionally, share some ideas about how FernLeaf can continue to nurture our staff relationships as we continue to bring new people on board. *
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