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And now for the legal stuff! (Please read this section carefully and initial the bottom so we know you did! We appreciate that you want to help out and do everything we can to make your time with us safe, fun and fulfilling. But before you begin, we need you to know that volunteering with us can expose you to personal injury or damage to your property. We'll ask you to sign a similar waiver when you start with us. Let us know if you have any questions.) "I would like to volunteer with Arcadia. I understand that as a volunteer I will not be paid for my efforts and I will not be covered under workers compensation insurance. I am at least 18 years of age and I will get the consent of Arcadia to bring anyone younger than 18 to the Farm, Market or other programs. I understand that activities with Arcadia involve serious risks. I may be exposed to, for example, but not limited to: insects; wildlife; farm animals; inclement weather; extreme temperatures; heavy machinery; tools; the actions and negligence of employees, volunteers, and other people present on the program; and dangerous conditions on the land such as holes in the ground, traffic or electric fence. I understand that these examples are not all-inclusive and there may be additional risks, all of which may involve personal injury, death, or damage to my property.
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More legal stuff! In exchange for the opportunity to participate in Arcadia activities, I (and my family, heirs, and personal representatives) willingly and knowingly release Arcadia and its officers, owners, employees and agents from any and all liability for any personal injury or damage relating to my participation. I (and my family, heirs, and personal representatives) agree to assume all of the risks and responsibilities of my participation. I understand that I am solely responsible for any hospital or other costs arising out of any personal injury or property damage relating to my participation. I understand that there are no medical services available on site or otherwise, and I give permission to Arcadia to authorize emergency medical treatment for me.
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The home stretch! I release Arcadia and its officers, owners, employees and agents, from liability for any injury or damage that might extend from such emergency medical treatment, including first aid rendered at the site. I further agree that this waiver should be interpreted as broadly and inclusively as state law permits. I understand that I may be photographed while volunteering and these photographs may be used for promotional purposes including, but not limited to, social media (facebook, twitter, instagram), brochures, and Arcadia’s website. I further agree that this waiver should be interpreted as broadly and inclusively as Virginia law permits." Got all that? We good to go?
Do you have reliable (private) transportation? The farm can be hard to get to on public transportation.
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