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Thank you for choosing swim lessons at the Superior Y for your child! Your student will be placed in a small group with other children of like skill and age. To help us know how to best match your child with an ideal group, please answer this short skill assessment.
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To help us identify swim goals for your child, please check any or all statements that are true for your child:
Does this child have any health, learning, or behavioral concerns that you would like the lifeguards and/or instructor to be made aware of?
Please let us know if your child has any needs we can accommodate, such as tubes in ears, asthma, seizure disorders, autism, attention/focus issues, sensory processing concerns, etc.
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May we take photos of this child for use in promoting future Y programs? *
Has this child been in swim lessons before? If you are new to our program, what brought you to our Y?
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If you are a returning swimmer, is there a particular instructor you child has connected well with in the past?
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