EXTRA projects Call for Submissions
basic studios is a building in Chicago's Logan Square that provides affordable studio space for the local arts community. After nearly a year of organizing and planning, the studio has launched EXTRA projects, a brand new multi-purpose project space at the front of the building.

EXTRA wants to engage the local community by flinging the doors open and providing a platform for artists to showcase new ideas and explorations in an intimate, small-scale setting built for maximum conversation and creativity.

EXTRA welcomes submissions for installations and curatorial proposals. Please use this form to submit your proposals for our 2018/2019 season. Selected projects will receive a catered reception, printed marketing materials, and dedicated open visiting hours.

Submissions are reviewed by the Exhibitions Committee, consisting of Kristina Daignault, Christopher Grieshaber, and Jesse Pace.

Please note: Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

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