Pledge of Non-Collaboration
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I understand that the goals and the impacts of policing and public health are antithetical, and that partnership with law enforcement only serves to harm health, not protect it.

Therefore, I pledge not to collaborate with law enforcement, including federal, state, county, or local police and ICE.*

◼ I will not apply for grants, conduct data analyses, or publish research at the behest of or in a way that benefits any of these agencies.
◼ I will not promote false solutions that continue or expand the reach of policing and the carceral state, such as more training, community policing, or body cameras.
◼ I will not endorse or participate in projects or promote policies that use police to enforce public health guidelines
◼ I will not support projects or policies that reinforce racism, profiling, state violence, or surveillance of communities in the name of public health.
◼ I will not use public health language and ideas to lend legitimacy to law enforcement or carceral institutions, and I will challenge those who do so.
◼ I will use my knowledge and power to uplift and support community-based and community-led efforts to ensure that people have what they need to survive and thrive, to address public health crises, and to build safety without police or punishment.
◼ I keep as my focus the health and well-being of people and their communities and the elimination of those systems which produce health inequity, including systemic racism.

* Although they are a part of the same deeply harmful criminal punishment system and collaboration with any part of this system needs to be challenged, we intentionally left collaboration with Departments of Correction and staff of prisons, jails, and detention centers off of the list of this particular pledge because the repressive nature of these institutions creates a situation so controlling that carceral staff are often the only entry point for public health professionals to support the health of those who are currently incarcerated or detained.

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