SHBC Sponsored Bumps
SHBC this year will be running their own sponsored bumps! Pledge an amount to a crew (or crews) of your choice, and watch them bump their way up the divisions. SHBC sponsored bumps this year will be going towards raising money for a single scull! The number of Hugh's students learning to scull is now higher than ever, and we want to encourage our rowers to get used to smaller boats as well as conquering the 8. Crew bios and photos will be released shortly.

Here's how it works: if you pledged £2 to W1, and they bump 3 days of Torpid's, you donate £6 to SHBC to help them on their quest towards buying a single scull for SHBC. If you pledge £1,000 to M2, and they don't bump at all, you don't pay anything at all (but we would really appreciate it if you wanted to anyway).

If a crew gets blades, in our eyes that's definitely worth an extra bump - so if you pledge £5 on M1 and they get blades (bumping 4 crews) you donate £25 to SHBC! If a crew gets spoons to help them feel a bit better donate half of your original pledge - for example if you pledge £1 on M3, you would donate 50p to SHBC.

Keep up to date with our facebook page (Friends of St Hugh's Boat Club, St Hugh's Boat Club), facebook event (to come) and instagram account (@st_hughs_boat_club) to see how your crews are doing.

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