2019/2020 Lunch Invoices
We will be accepting pre-payments for lunch during the 2019/2020 HFC Safety Council year. June's lunch is on us, so you only need to pay for September 2019 to May 2020. The CEO Meeting will be moved to our regular November meeting, so stay tuned for additional meetings throughout the year.

Please note that the price of lunch at the regular monthly meetings is now $15/person. HOWEVER, if you pre-pay for the year, lunches will be discounted to $12/person (applicable only for pre-paid individuals). You can use the nine lunches through the Council year as needed (ex. if you miss one meeting, you can have two paid meals at the next), but you will not receive reimbursement or credit for unused meals at the end of the year.

Please complete the below form so that we can invoice your company accordingly.

Contact info@hfcsafetycouncil.com or 937-382-2737 with any questions.
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Pre-paid lunches are $12/person for the September - May Meetings.

You always have the option of paying for additional attendees directly at the meetings at the regular $15/person.
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Ex. Full Year for One Attendee - $108; Full Year for Two - $216; etc.
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