Grammar Police - Promotions Test 2019
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The Exam
1. Which of these sentences is punctuated accurately? *
2. Which pronoun would correctly complete the following sentence? 'Donald and ___ will be going to the cinema later - would you like to join us?' *
3. Which punctuation mark could be inserted into the space in the following sentence? 'Girls Aloud were formed in 2002 ____ they had 21 UK Top 10s before splitting in 2012.' *
4. Which homophone belongs in the space in the following sentence? 'The more I _________, the less nervous I was about the test.' *
5. How many of the apostrophes in the sign above should be there? *
6. Look at the punctuation in the following sentence, and decide which of the statements below is true. 'Billie stayed at her parents' house all summer.' *
7. Which of the sentences below is accurately punctuated? *
8. What is the error in the following sentence? 'I enjoyed spending time with my family at Christmas, I'm not sure they felt the same way, however!' *
9. Which word would make the following sentence make sense? 'The more effort you put into your studies, the bigger the _____ on your results.' *
10. How many apostrophes are missing from the following sentence? 'Im afraid I cant support you this time; its more effort than its worth, and your application needs to succeed or fail on its own merits.' *
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