Anonymous advice form for Jamie Harris
I expect to check this form about once every 1-2 weeks.

The point of this is so I can self-improve, with your help! Feel free to be brutally honest (seriously, please do say negative things) and don't feel like you have to be tactful or careful not to offend me, even if you decide to leave your name.
How well do you know me?
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What would like to say, or would you like for me to know?
E.g. How would you describe me to a friend? How could I improve myself? Have I ever hurt you or needlessly made you feel uncomfortable and can you provide any advice about how I could avoid doing similar things in the future? Do you have thoughts on my professional work, such as my research, or the way I manage FB groups etc?
Your name (optional, of course)
Would you like me to follow-up or reply to this somehow? If so, how?
E.g. if you're not worried about anonymity, you could leave your email address here. Alternatively, if you ask me to explicitly, I can write a reply on the doc I link to at the end of this paragraph. It will enable you to remain anonymous, although there's a risk someone else will see my reply, so if it's very private, this wouldn't be a good option. I expect to check this form about once every 1-2 weeks, so you might need to wait roughly that long for a reply. I'm open to other suggested ways of contacting you, these are just the best options I thought of! (I can't *guarantee* that I'll give a reply.) Link:
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