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Providing access to evidence and lessons learned is always important, but in light of recent events, we believe it is more urgent than ever. That is why we are asking for your help in providing -- and preserving -- access to this critical knowledge base. Over the next few months, we will be updating and maintaining special collections of non-academic research on the following topics and need lead curators with issue expertise to lend us a hand. IssueLab special collections are an effort to contextualize important segments of the growing evidence base we curate, and are one of the ways we help visitors to the platform learn about nonprofit organizations and resources that may be useful to their work and knowledge-gathering efforts.

Special collection topics to be updated or curated:

→ Access to reproductive services
→ Next steps for ACA
→ Race and policing
→ Immigrant detention and deportation
→ Climate change and extractive mining
→ Veterans affairs
→ Gun violence

Individuals and/or teams are welcome to apply. And if you’re interested in being an IssueLab “factivist” and contributing to a collection but don’t want to serve as a lead curator, let us know and we’ll find a team for you to join.


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