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Thanks for your interest in being on the show! These Not So Empty Nest episodes will be setup similar to episode #73 of the podcast. I will do a quick introduction, ask you what your COVID-19 restriction life is like, and then ask you something from today that you:
- Love
- Found Surprising
- Made you Laugh
- What you need the most help with right now
- How you feel you are doing from not peaceful at all (Your Protector is in control) ---- to extremely peaceful (the CEO of Your Life)
- I will invite you to share something (of your choice) with my listeners.
- Where may my listeners find you - and what you do - if we didn't share that already
- We'll close with a thank-you and we'll say "You Are Amazing" together. :)

I will review your submission as soon as I am able, and will respond to the email entered below.
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You are one step closer. Due to the unexpectedness of COVID-19, this series is brand new and we are moving through the interview and post process extremely quickly: our interviews are happening within 1-2 days and episodes are posting not long after. Schedule your interview as soon as possible through this LINK. Thanks for participating! I look forward to chatting with you! You are AMAZING!
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