St. Basil's Reopening Survey
As provincial guidelines allow for life to return back to normal, we thought it would be important to gauge parishioners comfort on returning to in person programming, and receive feedback on programming during the pandemic.
Please share any information about yourself based on your comfort level: are you a... (check all that apply)
How long have you been part of the St. Basil's Parish Community?
Under 1 Year
5+ Years
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What are ways you think this parish can serve you and the community better, given your comfort level with returning in person? (Some examples can include, but are not limited to: clarifying how to volunteer in various ministries, clearer communication channels between parishioners and staff, engagement with university students etc.)
In your experience at St. Basil's, what have you enjoyed or felt helpful for your community engagement? (Such as: in-person volunteering opportunities, Virtual Faith Sharing/The Gathering, the content in the E-Bulletin, Live-Stream Masses, Book Discussions etc.)
What would you like to see offered, continued, or improved at St. Basil's? (Some examples can include, but are not limited to: continuation of opportunities for lay preaching, communal prayer, podcast, book club, Bible studies, events or groups about sacred art/music, seminars on Residential Schools/Truth and Reconciliation Commission/Indigenous-Catholic Relations, etc.)
What day and time would you think is beneficial to offer programs, events, and discussion groups?
Since we have reopened, have you attended St. Basil's in person?
Clear selection
Which weekend Mass do you plan to attend this Fall?
Is this the same Mass you regularly attended pre-pandemic?
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What do you miss from your pre-pandemic experience of Church, both in terms of spiritual life and community life?
Do you prefer electronic or paper copies of the bulletin?
Clear selection
What do you see as the biggest challenge going forward for the parish? Do you have any possible solutions?
Please list any additional feedback you have about programming during the pandemic, and hopes you have for post-pandemic programming.
(Optional) Please leave your name and contact information if you'd be willing to answer any additional questions.
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