Aquarius Condo. Ass.: 2021 Projects
This is an informal survey. Please give your opinion on each project. The answers may be LIKE or NEUTRAL or DON'T LIKE. Your participation is important. Without collaborative participation the democratic process fails.
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Beach and Maintenance Stairs $173,000
Beach Access Door and Ramp $ 50,000
Mechanical Room Door $50,000
Roof $1,200,000
Domestic Pump $75,000
South Tower Chiller $ 68,000
Lobby floor $30,000
Electrical on the Roof $30.000
Storage Rooms Cages $ 15,000
West Parking Lot $75,000
Engineering Professional Fees $100,000
City Permits $31,617
Contingency $189,885
Comments: This space is for you express any opinion on the proposed projects or other serious needs of our Aquarius Condominium Association. If you do not give your name, after making a comment, your opinion will be recorded as anonymous:
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