Young Commoners Survey
The Foundation for Common Land is a charity whose primary purpose is to improve the public benefits from grazed common land. We work with commoners, owners of common land, government and non governmental organisations. More information can be found at

The Foundation for Common Land would like to improve how we work with and support young commoners as creating a future for you is essential to maintaining the multiple benefits commons provide society.

Please can you take 2-3 minutes to fill in this form. The form is intended for those who actively graze commons

What Animals Do you Graze? *
What is most important issue for you? *
Not Relevant
Not an Issue
A bit of a bother
A big problem
Keeps me awake at night
Post Brexit Funding
Current Cash Flow
Agri-environment Scheme Rules
Animal Health Issues e.g. TB
Declining Number of Commoners
Age of commoners
Pressure from Dog Walking & Visitors
Finding land to farm off the common
Unauthorised vehicle use
Sheep or other stock stealing
Low profitability of my business
Animal movement rules
What would make your life easier on the Common?
Your answer
Is there any specific training that would help you?
How is your relationship with the owner of the Common
How is your relationship with other commoners on your common?
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