Acala Liquid Staking Validator Partners - Application
Acala's Liquid Staking protocol solves the illiquidity challenge of staked assets, particularly DOT and KSM. The protocol establishes a non-custodial staking pool where users can stake KSM/DOT and mint LKSM/LDOT, which is yield-bearing, fungible, tradable and usable in other protocols, parachains and consensus networks to compound yield.

The Liquid Staking pool uses XCM to send KSM cross-chain to Kusama, and nominate via proxy account to a set of validators on Polkadot and Kusama. In addition to standard strategies outlined here (, we also look to optimize rewards and minimize slash risk to bring premium staking services to our users.

If you are interested in joining Acala and Karura's Liquid Staking Validator Partners to support the protocol, please register your interest below.

You can read:
- the Whitepaper here
- LKSM implementation here
- LKSM App
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