"Back to School" Survey
January's state legislative session in Olympia seems like a long way off, but here at the Civic Action Team Legislative Headquarters (known to our friends as the CATbox) we already have a class project in mind: Figure out which climate-change related issues will come up this session, form a team to track the bills once they're in play, and provide timely calls to action for our CAT list members.

Step one, we want to tune our efforts to your interests, and identify volunteers who would like to get engaged when it comes to specific issues or legislators.

So please take a moment to take our survey -- there's a box at the end where you can tell us anything that we forgot to ask.

David & the CATbox team

What issues concern you?
What legislative district are you in?
Not sure? http://app.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/ or just tell us your ZIP code.
Your answer
How well do you know your legislators?
How would you like to engage the legislature next session?
Want to help track bills?
We'll provide training, in plenty of time for the new session in January 2019.
Are there other groups you work with on legislative issues?
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How can we contact you?
Give us an email address (or phone number if you prefer texts) and we'll be in touch with updates about your legislative interests, or helping out next session.
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Anything else you'd like us to know, or that we forgot to ask?
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