October 24th - Saturday From 3 pm to 7 pm at Villa Kult Residenz - Hindenburgdamm 12, 12203 Berlin

Tickets: 55 Euros

- Art materials included: Watercolors, papers, pencils, brushes. (feel free to bring yours if you want to).
- Certificate of Participation.

Fashion Portraits Edition

What am I going to learn in this Class?

In this Masterclass, we are going to make a review over the lifestyle and fashion from the last decades and paint different portraits with watercolor techniques. Getting the inspiration and confidence to start working on your creation. These portraits will be done in different watercolor techniques such as dry on wet, wet on wet, shadows, and colours. At the end of the class, you will have a collection of four special portraits made by yourself.

Challenge 1: That Classy Item

In this challenge, you will paint a special and classy item from fashion history. The exquisite Chanel N5, a Manolo Blahnik heels, a Tiffany’s box, a Louis Vuitton bag. Choose your favorite item and create your own elegant portrait of it.

Techniques to learn in this Challenge:
Sketching with 6B Pencil -
Painting the lights and shadows in metallic objects with watercolors
Painting leather texture with watercolors
Painting liquids in glass bottles in watercolors

Challenge 2: The Fashion Icon from all time

In this challenge, you will paint a portrait of one Fashion Icon. Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Grace Kelly, Jane Fonda, Sarah Jessica Parker, and more. All of them dressed in Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Givenchy and genius designers from all time.

Techniques to learn in this Challenge:

Sketching poses, hair, and accessories with a pencil.
Wet on Wet watercolor technique to paint hair
Watercolor techniques for painting fabrics (Silk, velvet, leather)
Shadows and light techniques to paint skin and makeup
Creating original backgrounds

Challenge 3: Sketching LifeStyle Scenes

In this challenge, you will recreate a scene from LifeStyle Illustration. A morning in a Parisian café, Summer in a Tuscan home, Gala night from the Plaza Hotel, and more lifestyle classic scenes to develop your own style by sketching and painting with watercolors.

Techniques to learn in this Challenge:

Sketching the figure and the background, architecture, windows, objects, stylish home, fancy hotel, etc.
Watercolors pastels technique for the background, wet on wet, wet on dry.
Composition and relationship between the main character and background in the frame.

Challenge 4: Create your own original concept

In the final challenge, you will be able to create your own artwork, based on every technique used in the previous challenges you will be able to create a stylish portrait including a figure, objects, dress, simple or scene background, and all the art techniques.

What outcomes should I expect from the course?
• Get more creative skills and challenge your confidence by developing your own style in painting, sketching and making beautiful illustrations.
• Rediscover your joy for painting, no matter if Art means a hobby or a career.
• Watercolor techniques in an intermediate level, to recreate realistic and stylish portraits.
• For those who are beginners, a new way to learn about fashion illustration, watercolors, sketching, and take a vision about inspiration in life to start a career in fashion, exhibitions, or making a beautiful gift for the ones you love or for yourself.
• An inspiring experience with a positive atmosphere and other people who enjoy fashion, lifestyle and art as much as you do.

Who is this Class for?

This class is for anyone who enjoys art, fashion and lifestyle. Not only those interested in learning art techniques but also those with creativity in their hearts. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an artist who wants to increase more in their current skills with others. Painting portraits is one of the most challenging and creative experiences, and you will be able to start creating your own style and tell your own story.

About the Artist: Martin Georg

As an artist, I spent my whole life trying new techniques, painting different topics, recreating fashion icons, haute couture gowns, wedding dresses, and everything I learned in these years made me realize how important it is to have art in our daily life. I always wanted to be able to paint sophisticated and traditional fine art but in a modern way. As a fashion illustrator, I try to find new trends every year and translate that to my classes, my commercial clients, or my exhibitions and share that with everyone who attends a class so they can also be able to bring a little bit of art and fashion to their daily life.
Whether Art is a hobby, a way to go out of your routine, or your career this is one class that I wished I had when I study arts and fashion. Is not only about learning new art skills but also to be part of a special experience with more people like you, like me, or like anybody else who sees fashion and art as a way to bring joy to their life.

If after this class you feel motivated to start your own sketchbook, your illustration style, or grab some watercolors to spend a lovely day painting, then that will be the best part of this experience.

A little break

In every class we also take a break to have coffee, tea, or juice and share ideas with each other, inspiration or just talk about our stories in general, it’s so nice to meet other people who enjoy art and fashion and see different perspectives from it. Every class we have so many interesting people that share their stories with fashion, style, art and that’s just so beautiful to see.

A final word
Let’s be fearless, take your creativity to a new level through sketching and painting in watercolors and enjoy this class!
October 24th - Saturday From 3 pm to 7 pm at Villa Kult Residenz - Hindenburgdamm 12, 12203 Berlin

Tickets: 55 Euros

- Art materials included: Watercolors, papers, pencils, brushes. (feel free to bring yours if you want to).
- Certificate of Participation.

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