Chromebook Insurance Form - 2023-2024
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Insurance will protect the "Chromebook device" against: Wear and Tear (plastic cracks, lid cracks, missing screw), theft, fire, flood, natural disasters and power surges due to lightning strikes.

Screen repairs and full device replacement on theft, fire, flood, and natural devices, will always require a $50 deductible regardless of accident or drop.

Intentional damage is not covered under this policy. Full price of the device will be required if it is determined that the damage was intentional.

Accessories are NOT covered under insurance. This includes the case and/or power supply provided by the district and any accessories that may be purchased by the user.  All devices will be provided with a case and a charger and are expected to be returned with a charger and a case when returned.

If you leave the district or move please return the device and all accessories to Riverside Administration Offices at 710 East Main Street, Manchester, MI  48158. If the device and accessories are not returned, you will be invoiced for the full cost of the device, case and power cord.

Please make checks payable to Manchester Community Schools or pay online at Revtrak.

This Policy will run from August 28th, 2023 or when insurance is paid, until August 23, 2024.

By completing this form, the student and parent acknowledge that they have read this agreement and agree to its terms.
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This policy covers the repair costs of the following:
1. Minor Damage to case including scratches, removing stickers, light dust and grime cleaning caused by standard use, bezel replacement and missing screws.
2. Internal hardware faults in damage including WiFi cards, Cameras, Microphones, Speakers, Touchpad, Keyboards.
3. Labor for all of the above repairs to the device.

$50 - Deductible for the first incident/break/damage   
$75 - Deductible for the second incident/break/damage
$100 - Deductible for any incident/break/damage after the second.
$35 - Replacement Charger
$20 - Replacement Case

This deductible is exclusively for Screens or Full Device replacement.

Repeat offenses of minor damage will be considered Intentional damage to the device. 
Historical example: Removed Keys and Removed Screws.

Chromebook: The student is solely responsible for their Chromebook.

If a friend or schoolmate breaks their device, it is still their responsibility to pay for it. At all times, the device should be in its case. If a student’s Chromebook is broken or damaged more than three times in a school year an evaluation will take place by the Building Administrator and the MCS Technology Department. This portion includes keyboard key removal or keyboard damage.

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