Spring 2019 After School Registration
Thanks for your interest in our After School programs! After a great first year, we're continuing to expand our Spring 2019 offerings!

Spring session will run from April 1, 2019 - June 26, 2019: Ages 5 - 15.

Some basics: After School Clubs are designed to promote neuro-development through board and card games that encourage and hone strategic thinking in a fun and enriched setting. All skill levels are welcome!

We curate our games for groups by age, category, skill and/or subject. Our programs focus on instruction, developing strategies for solving novel problems, socializing and having fun! Kids learn how to think 'moves ahead,' anticipating an opponent's reaction, learn to make decisions based on available information and developing good sportsmanship.

We spend one week playing a new game, which involves instruction and strategies for game play. The second week is designed to allow participants to have a more in-depth experience by revisiting and reviewing the games, and exploring various strategies and working-through problem solving skills. We then move on to a new set of games, in another two week series, through to the end of the session.

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