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How FULFILLED do you feel by your daily experience of work and life? *
I have a short-term focus and don't think much about fulfilment
I feel grateful every day that I am living the life I am meant to live
To what extent are you aware of how your internal world affects your behaviours and your business results? *
I don’t really think about that
I know that my thoughts ultimately control my destiny
How deliberately do you embrace challenges? *
I like to stay in my comfort zone
I love growing through challenges
How easy is it for your clients to simply and quickly understand who you are and what you stand for? *
I am too generic to stand out
My authority is clear and inspirational
How robust is your marketing system for attracting your ideal clients, who get what you do before they even come in? *
I struggle to get more clients
I have a robust system for attracting clients who are a perfect match
How thoroughly do your business dashboard insights guide your decisions and actions? *
I don’t track many numbers or I don't know how to change them
I consistenly track key data and use that to make empowering decisions
How well does the rhythm and flow of your business suit your lifestyle and growth goals? *
I often feel overwhelmed and like work takes too much of my time and energy
I have a well designed and measured system for ecological growth
To what extent do your actions lead directly to your goals? *
I take action but I'm not sure I'm getting anywhere
Every action I take is designed specifically to reach my goals
How much activity in your business relies directly on you? *
I do everything myself with little support
I outsource everything I am not expert at, and trust my team members and technology
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