MSI Chief Judge Evaluation
Evaluators: discuss the evaluation with the apprentice as usual, but also enter the apprentice's e-mail address below (even though it says "Your Email"). The apprentice will then receive a copy of his/her evaluation when you submit.
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Evaluated Official:
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Performance Requirements:
Demonstrates an understanding of current USA & Maryland Swimming Rules and Regulations. *
Demonstrates an understanding of current Rules Interpretations published by USA Swimming Rules and Regulations Committee. *
Demonstrates an awareness and knowledge of the Chief Judge’s duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Meet Referee. *
Is able to perform the duties and responsibilities with guidance from a mentor. *
Demonstrates awareness of the urgency and timely need for executing all duties and responsibilities. *
Provides support to the referee and starter when assigned to the starting area. *
Disqualifications & Radio Protocol:
Is observant of officials on the deck. *
Responds promptly to an official with raised hand indicating a possible disqualification. *
Supports the official who has a possible disqualification by: *
1) Speaking quietly with positive words of encouragement. 2) Helping the official to accurately describe the possible disqualification by using the terminology of the rulebook. 3) Accurately repeating the description of the possible disqualification by the official to the deck referee. 4) Providing constructive advice when a call is not described appropriately, when a call is not recommended by the Chief Judge or when a call is overturned by the deck or meet referee.
Understands, uses and demonstrates a solid understanding of radio protocol when communicating: *
1) Swimming infractions. 2) Early take-offs during relays. 3) Notification of swimmers regarding disqualifications. 4) Proper usage of the radio for swimming business only.
Processes paperwork in an accurate and timely manner. *
Human Relations & Communication Skills:
Is a team player. *
Talks positively about the sport, swimmers, coaches, officials and other swimming personnel. *
Does not discuss disqualifications in public. *
Follows and implements the directives of the meet referee. *
Serves as a mentor for stroke & turn officials. *
Conduct Positive Pre-session Briefings:
Establishes when and where officials are to meet for the stroke briefing. *
Greets each official and asking them to complete the sign-in sheet provided by the meet referee. *
Asks each official to introduce themselves to the group and telling what LSC and club they represent. *
Gives each official a heat sheet. *
Conducts a comprehensive stroke and turn briefing. *
Discusses the jurisdiction for the stroke and turn officials. *
Completes the stroke and turn deck assignments. *
Discusses deck protocol. *
Using the briefing to show how a disqualification slip will be completed by the chief judge. *
Gives each official a few DQ slips in the event that the official needs to complete his/her own slip if the deck becomes busy. *
Establishes a rotation for officials. *
Discusses how relay take-offs will be observed. *
Asks the officials if they have any questions about the briefing or if they have encountered unusual circumstances that they would like to discuss. *
Thanks the officials for helping and letting officials know what time to be on deck and in position to start the session. *
Overall Assessment:
Overall Evaluator Recommendation *
Notes *
Evaluator Section:
Name of Referee Evaluator *
Referee Evaluator Eligibility *
DO NOT submit an evaluation if you don't meet eligibility criteria for the evaluation levels below. Check your certification dates in OTS if unsure.
Years at Certification Level *
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