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At It's Elementary, My Dear, we are ALL about connecting and collaborating! One of my main goals for this site and blog is to feature FELLOW TEACHERS & BLOGGERS! There are many ways you can contribute to this blog in order to share your passion, tips, & gain GREAT PUBLICITY for your own blog, store, and more. If you are interested in being a featured teacher &/or blogger on It's Elementary, My Dear, simply complete the quick form below & I'll be in touch.
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How may I FEATURE YOU?!?! Please check ALL that you are interested in contributing to. You will not have to write about all checked areas at once, rather I will space out your posts to give you time to contribute and continual publicity. *
1) MANIC MONDAY: tips for organization, balancing work/family, starting your week off right 2) TEACHER CRUSH TUESDAY: I will send you some interview questions about teaching & personal life, and then post our interview on the blog so others get to know you better & your blog/shop gain exposure. This might also include what you're currently doing in your classroom. 3) WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: How do you take care of yourself during the school year? Food, exercise, de-stressing, health, etc. 4) THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: Favorite quotes, inspiration, advice, thoughts of thanks, questions for others, answering questions FROM others, etc. 5) FAB FASHION FRIDAY: Are you a teacher-fashionista? Show me what you wore for the week! Tag with sources for each piece you wear, and we'll share on the blog, Instagram, and more!
Do you have any other suggestions for ways you would be interested in being featured and contributing to the blog? If so, please share!
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