#WhyYouMatter Pre-Survey
#WhyYouMatter is a campaign to promote positive self-image and to remind community members that we each have a valuable and important part to play.

This survey is anonymous. Please answer honestly.
My age group *
I identify as *
1. I feel knowledgeable about common mental health issues people my age face. *
2. People are caring and sympathetic toward others who have a mental illness. *
3. Treatment can help people with mental illness lead a normal and productive life. *
4. Mental health is an invisible illness. *
5. I know someone with mental health issues. *
6. If I thought a friend had a mental health problem I would feel comfortable seeking support for them. *
7. We need to adopt a more tolerant, helpful attitude toward people with mental illness. *
8. Individuals with mental health impairments are a valuable asset to our community. *
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